Heather Grace earned a Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science at Western Michigan University. She
graduated with honors. She also completed a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Interdisciplinary Studies – Specializing in Education, emphasis in Art and
Counseling, concentrating in Multi-cultural and Women's Studies from
DePaul University. Certified by the University of Cambridge (CELTA English
Language Teaching to Adults,
internationally recognized, Grace enjoys teaching ESL as well as many other subjects.

Heather Grace’s commitment to life-long learning and multi-culturalism are actualized through on-going education as well as teaching and traveling
both domestically and abroad in order to consistently infuse the most cutting-edge and community focused techniques into her consulting.
Heather Grace's commitment to peace and social justice includes a strong environmental commitment. All of her materials are printed on recycled
paper and the print media created for ECO-conscious organizations utilizes green industry standard earth-friendly practices and products such as
soy and vegetable inks and recycled papers.

Heather Grace is a trained Outdoor Educator through world renowned
Outward Bound and is a certified Wilderness First Responder – in wilderness
medicine and rescue through
SOLO (Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities) She is a Leave No Trace Educator through Leave No Trace Center
for Outdoor Ethics. Heather Grace has learned that building one's connection with nature and challenging oneself physically enhances and
improves intellectual and relational pursuits. By employing kinesthetic learning methods for all ability levels when training and teaching, she is able
to reach all learners and assist them in retaining and enjoying what they learn!
Heather Grace Lynch
Heather Grace Lynch
Heather Grace Lynch
Heather Grace Lynch
Heather Grace's speciality is creating dynamic
opportunities and facilitating safe learning
environments for people to be supported,
challenged and transformed.

Grace also volunteers a significant portion of
her time, nearly 800 hours each year, to
various social justice organizations and a
portion of Grace's earnings are donated to
animal welfare organizations such as the

and local organizations. Grace has also
sponsored 2 children, one in Nepal and
another in Uganda, through Michigan-based
and an International organizations.    

When not working or volunteering, Grace
spends time outdoors horsebacking riding,
camping, kayaking, hiking, biking, and learning
about wildlife. Whenever possible her Aussie
Shepard, Wilson, joins her. She also shares
her home in Michigan with her partner,
James,  "Mona", the cat, "Bunny" the Rabbit
and Mourning Doves that nest outside her
window. Recently, she hand raised ducks,
Lavern and Shirley, who made a permanent
home at the farm where she rides. Grace
spends most days deeply grateful to be alive!
Heather Grace Lynch
Heather Grace,  born and raised in Michigan, has made homes in both Washington, D.C., and Chicago before returning to Michigan in
2004. She splits her time between West and East Michigan. For 20 years, in as many
countries, Grace has studied, volunteered and worked abroad.
Travel domestically and internationally has served as a catalyst for her own education as well as what she can offer others. For more than 15
years,Heather Grace has taught, trained and assisted individuals and organizations in reaching their goals. To contribute to her hometown Grace
The Huron Valley Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration (2005) and The Huron Valley Earth Day Festival (2007) both of which
continue today and span 7 municipalities. Her ability to actively engage individuals and groups in maximizing their potential is made possible by a
commitment to collaboration and empowerment. This work allowed Grace to develop an edge in travel, outdoor & event photography. She
presently employees her skills as photographer even while on horseback.
Serving in the diverse settings of ESL (English as a Second Language), social service, university, and small business, Heather Grace is able to motivate
both individuals and groups to reach and exceed their goals in measurable ways. Having worked in such a myriad of settings, Grace has paid
particular attention and trained to meet the needs of each individual learner with their unique attributes and learning styles. This includes, but is
not limited to, people in the creative arts, women, youth, people with disabilities and non-native English speakers. Some of the organizations she has
worked with teaching, training, leadership and web development as well as event planning include:

  • The Great Distance Derby
  • The Michigan Distance Derby
  • Michigan Drive, M-Drive
  • American Language Village - Taipei, Taiwan
  • Center for American Progress - Washington, District of Columbia
  • University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Carlita Feliz - Granada, Nicaragua
  • DePaul University - Chicago, Illinois
  • American Friends Service Committee - International
  • Instituto Britanico - San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Inclusive Justice - Greater Michigan
  • The Huron Valley Earth Day Festival - Huron Valley, Michigan
  • The Huron Valley Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration - Huron Valley, Michigan
  • Human Rights Campaign - Washington, District of Columbia
  • Kellogg Foundation - Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Women’s Legal Defense Fund - Washington, District of Columbia
  • Western Michigan University - Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Horizons Community Services - Chicago, Illinois
  • Illinois Hunger Association - Chicago, Illinois